How To Fix The Microsoft Error CAA2003 Or CAA20004 When Signing In

Microsoft Error Code 135011

I assume you are here because you are also looking for ways how to fix the Microsoft error CAA2003 or CAA20004 when trying to log in on your Outlook, Skype, Microsoft teams app, or any Microsoft accounts. Or maybe Microsoft teams error CAA2000B? Or do you need to tweak your Microsoft Teams to improve its performance? Most of the time you will encounter any of these as a Microsoft teams error code. Then you are in the right place because I would like to share with you how I managed to fix it myself. There is no need to call for a computer technician or your IT to fix it for you – unless you need administrative privileges for you to do the changes.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do the following steps below. But you will need to know at least the basics of navigating around your Windows machine. For this example, we will be showing you the steps around Microsoft Office 365 running under Windows 10.

Why Are You Getting The Microsoft Error CAA2003 or CAA2004?

Ways To Fix Microsoft Error CAA2003 Or CAA20004 When Signing

Before we begin, according to Microsoft Support, here are the descriptions of the error codes as well as the recommended troubleshooting actions you can do.

Error CodesDescriptionRecommended Troubleshooting Actions
0xCAA20003You ran into an authorization problem.Make sure your computer’s date and time are set up correctly. If the data and time are incorrect, it will or can affect your login attempts.
0xCAA20004Your request needs to be approved by a resource owner or authorization server.You need to contact your IT administrator to check if your machine or account complies with the Azure Active Directory (AAD) configuration policies.
Source: Microsoft Support

Pretty easy, isn’t it? But not in my case. The recommended troubleshooting actions to fix the Microsoft error CAA2003 or CAA20004 did not actually resolve my problems.

So, what did fix my Microsoft login issues? Here are the steps I did to resolve the error CAA2003 and CAA20004 issues. Let me lay them out for you.

1. Check your machine’s date/time as well as the timezone

As a precautionary step, check your desktop/laptop’s machine if your date and time as well as the timezone are all correct. Since the error code CAA20003 mentioned that the reason for the authentication problem was about the date and time, might as well check it first.

In Windows 10 (and above), you can click Start > Settings > Time & Language to check your machine’s current date, time, and timezone. If they are not correct, update them accordingly.

Windows 10 Date and Time

2. Access your Office 365 account using your browser’s private window.

The next thing you can do to troubleshoot your Microsoft Office 365 account is to try to log in to the Microsoft Office website. You need to open it in a browser in Incognito mode (Chrome), InPrivate window mode (Edge), or Private window (Firefox).

If you don’t know where you can find this private window in your browser, here’s an example for the Edge browser. Click the three dots on the top-right of your Edge window and click “New InPrivate window“. Or just simultaneously press CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard while an Edge browser is open.

How To Find InPrivate window on Edge

If you can log in successfully and be redirected to your Office account’s home dashboard, then we can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you may really have to contact your IT administrator to help you out.

Office Home Dashboard

3. Disconnect your Microsoft account from your computer

Since you can connect to your Microsoft Office from a private browser, then there’s no problem with your account access. But it might be a case of your machine being disconnected from the Office’s server. To try and resolve this, we need to disconnect first your Microsoft Office account from your computer.

To do this, from your keyboard, click Start > Settings > Accounts. Then on the left pane of the Accounts window, click the Access work or school option. Here’s an example screenshot from Windows 10 on my computer.

Windows Accounts - Access Work or School

Select the Microsoft account that is not working and click the Disconnect button. Just proceed with the disconnection process. You don’t need to worry because you can restore it again on the next step.

Windows Accounts - Disconnect Office Account

4. Reconnect to your Microsoft Office Account

Before you proceed, if your issue is on Microsoft Teams, try clearing your Microsoft teams cache first and restart Microsoft teams. Now that we have already disconnected your Microsoft Office account from your computer, you can restore it again. You have the option to connect to your account using the Connect button from the same Accounts window or you can straightly open your applications like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.

You can do the steps above too as one of the troubleshooting tips if you are getting the Error Code 80090016. The error code 80090016 is usually encountered after your system board was replaced.

Microsoft Error Code 80090016

5. If You Are Still Getting The Microsoft Error CAA20004 When Signing In

Ways To Fix Microsoft Error CAA20004

If the steps above did not work and you still get the Error CAA20004 when trying to log in to Microsoft applications like Teams. And when you click the Continue button, you get the error below which prevents you to sign in.

Microsoft Teams Error CAA20004

Then you may have to contact your IT administrator who has access to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

And if you are the IT administrator or you have access to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, then you can do the following steps.

Verify If The Microsoft Account Is Listed In The Active Users

  1. Open a browser and visit the Microsoft 365 Admin Center page.
  2. Log in using your administrator account.
  3. Once you are in the dashboard, in the left column, go to Users > Active Users.
  4. Check the user’s account who is encountering the Error CAA20004 appears in the list. If not, add the account by clicking Add user.
  5. Then advise the user to try to reconnect.

The System Administrator Must Enable the ADFS Endpoint

If the issue persists, then your IT or system administrator may have to check the Active Directory server where all connecting accounts are configured. They may have to enable or activate the Extranet Forms Authentication and Intranet Windows Authentication. This can be done in the AD FS management application from the Active Directory.

Our Final Words

The steps above to fix the Microsoft Error CAA2003 or CAA20004 worked in my case and I do hope that it does as well on your end. But if everything fails, you can contact your IT administrator and ask for assistance because the root cause of the problem might be something else.

But if you have found another way to resolve the Microsoft Error CAA2003 or CAA20004, please do share it with us.