How To Disconnect My Google Account From Other Devices

One must remember, never let your guard down when it comes to your personal accounts. Even if you are using an account from a reputable company, like Google.

You should know how to monitor where your Google account is being used. Or where your Google account should not be used at all.

Having said that, you might be asking now this question, “how do I disconnect my Google account from other devices?“.

That is the topic that we will be covering in this article.

Why Should I Care Where My Google Account Is Currently Logged In?

The quick answer is, you should care and worry about where your Google account is currently logged in. You might have thought that you already logged out from a device or machine where you last used it. But then when you think about it again, you are not really sure. Then you will be surprised that your account or even your email was used in some inappropriate activities – or spam. Worst, all your data are stolen.

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Instances Or Events Where I Might Forget To Disconnect My Google Account

The list below is not necessarily complete but each one is a big possibility, and I am speaking based on my personal experiences. These are the most common instances or scenarios where you will probably or tend to forget to log out from your Google account.

Internet Cafes

Internet Cafe

For some reason, there will be a time that you will be forced to go to an Internet Cafe to log into your Gmail or Google account. In most cases, this happens due to an urgent matter like you have to send or check something that can’t wait while you are in a remote area without Internet data.

Since you will be conscious of the time, there is a high possibility that you will just close the browser without realizing that you forgot to log out.

Keylogger is also one of the biggest problems when in an Internet cafe. You wouldn’t know and even won’t have the time to check whether the computer you are using is safe from any viruses or malicious software that can steal or read and record each keystroke you do. If this happens, then your account is again compromised.

Defective PC Replacement For Your Work From Home Setup

Working In The Midst Of COVID-19

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, most companies are leaning towards a work-from-home setup to continue their operation. Some of these companies are even switching to long-term remote work, like Adobe, Amazon, Apple, and many more.

Most companies provide the machine (desktop/laptop) while you are working remotely. And more often than not, since you are personally using that machine, there is always a big possibility that you will be logging your personal accounts – including your Google accounts.

Now, in the event that your machine breaks down, you might have to request a replacement so that you can continue your work. If this happens, you might forget that your personal accounts, like Google, are still logged into that old machine.

We are not saying that you should not trust your IT. However, as a practice, you should not leave your personal accounts into other machines especially when you no longer have access to it.

Borrowing Someone’s Device

Man Using Phone

There are some instances where you don’t have your phone with you or it’s not working at the moment. Then you have to access your Google account, like your Gmail. At that moment, your only option is to borrow from someone to access your account.

There is a chance that you might forget to log out from your account when you hand it over back.

So, How Do I Disconnect My Google Account From These Devices?

My Google Account
  1. First, launch a web browser and head to
  2. Log in using your Google account
  3. Then in the left pane of your window, click Security.
  4. Once the Security page is loaded, scroll down until you see Your Devices.
  5. Below that Your Devices frame, click Manage devices.
  6. Under Your Devices page, you will see all the devices where you have logged in your Google account. Just select each of the device(s) where you need to log out. You can do this by clicking the three vertical dots and click Sign out.
Disconnect My Google Account From A Device

And that’s it! You have now logged out your Google account from those devices – either known to you or not.

But if you see an unknown device where your account was logged in, we recommend that you change your password immediately.