How To Invest Your Money In GCash For As Low As P50

Do you know how can you invest your money in GCash, for as low as P50 (50 Pesos)? You can start it now with less worry for as long as you are one of the 33 million GCash mobile wallet users.

Probably, you are still one of those GCash users who thinks that the mobile app is only convenient for paying up your bills online. Well, that’s true! That is what we thought too.

But, GCash, being one of the most popular mobile wallets here in the Philippines at the moment, is evolving. The changes it is doing are not bad at all, if we may say so. They are trying to find more convenient ways for Filipinos to do more with their apps. And one of the good things they did is GInvest. GInvest allows GCash users to invest through their app for as low as P50 and be managed by professional fund managers.

Author’s Disclaimer: We are neither financial advisors nor paid promoters of the app mentioned in this article. The article published here leans more to the informative side. The information came from our actual experiences and from the company’s published documentation and roadmaps.

Should I Start Dipping My Toes Into Investments?

You shouldn’t.

Yes, like any investment or business, you shouldn’t start pouring your money (especially, hard-earned money) into anything without knowing what are the benefits and risks.

If there is one thing we can share and ask you to do, that will be “do your own research“. Do not listen to the noise around you even if it does sound very tempting until you have done proper research.

Having said that, gather and take all the information, as much as you can from any offers first. Study it. Then decide.

The reason we are telling you this is investments like Fund Investments will depend on your risk appetite. In other words, it depends on how much are you willing to let go in case things go south.

Although, we are not discouraging you at all. We are all in favor of growth and earning money – who doesn’t, right? We are just telling you to be wiser because investments, especially stocks, as they say, it is not for those with weak hearts.

That is the good thing about GInvest, you are not alone. You are not even the one who will need to decide how to make your investment grow. Once you start putting money into the GInvest fund investments, professional fund managers will handle your money and help you to achieve your goal.

What Happens To Your Money When You Invest?

How Does Fund Works
Image Source: ATRAM

The image above is pretty straightforward showing how the Fund investment work.

What happens is that when you invest your money in GCash, depending on which Fund, will be handled and managed by a professional fund manager. This means that you will have no control over your money and where you should put it to grow.

To get an overview of how ATRAM works, you can visit ATRAM Academy.

You put all your trust in the system to make sure that your money grows over time without going through the hassle.

Globe gave this simple comparison of why you should invest your money in GCash.

RequirementsBank account, 2 valid IDsGCash Account Verification
Minimum InvestmentPHP 10,000PHP 50
Commission and Sales Fees0.5% to 5%None
Cash-in and Cash-out OptionsOver-the-CounterSell and Buy via your GCash wallet

And you can select any of the Funds offered below.

GInvest Funds
Image Source: GInvest

With GInvest, you can visit our article about ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, if you want to invest in a feeder fund and receive dividends.

How Do I Start With The Fund Investment With GCash’s GInvest?

The steps below assume that you already have a verified GCash account and app installed into your mobile wallet. And before you start, you should have at least P50 loaded in your GCash mobile wallet.

  1. Open your GCash app, then look for GInvest.
  2. For first-time users, you will need to register and answer the Risk Profile Questionnaire. This will be like an assessment to know your Risk Appetite. The “Risk Appetite” simply means the level of risk you are willing to accept in investing.
  3. You will select which Funds you want to engage with. The Risk Rating is displayed on each fund to help you decide.
  4. Buy how many units you want to purchase and invest.

Basically, that’s it. You can also track your investments and sell units of your investments whenever you want. But it will be ideal if you set a reminder to yourself to invest consistently.

I Started Funding Money With GInvest, What Now? – Concluding Words

If we may, we would like to say that once you invest your money in GCash GInvest, consider it as a long-term investment. And try to have a mindset that investments do not grow overnight – it takes time.

What you can do is religiously invest more, let’s say save P50 each month and add it to your investment. The higher amount you can save and add to your investment, the better. And let the professionals handle and manage your money.

So, in summary, we would like to leave the following pointers.

  1. Gather all the information and understand them before deciding if you want to invest your money.
  2. Invest only the amount you are willing to lose.
  3. Put your trust in the system, they are the experts.
  4. Try to challenge yourself to increase your investment, whenever it is possible.
  5. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. This means, trying to invest not only in one Fund.

GCash GInvest is only one of the possible ways to earn money. But at the moment, this is the cheapest way you can earn more money in the long term. Probably, once you have more money you are willing to invest, then you can explore other options.