How To Hide Gmail Google Meet, Space, And Chat Sidebar

How To Remove Google Meet Space And Chat Sidebar

Gmail rolled out a new integrated view user interface that started in June 2022 that will show Google Meet, Space, and Chat in your sidebar. It is part of the ongoing “improvements” to integrate everything together in your workspace. Like what they did for Google Meet and Duo when they merged them into one single video call app. However, for Gmail, the new sidebar is taking up extra horizontal space and it can be annoying especially if you are not using it. So, how can you hide Gmail Google Meet, Space, and Chat sidebar from your browser’s user interface? That’s what we will be covering here.

Gmail’s New User Interface Sidebar Layout

If you have accidentally enabled Gmail’s new user interface, then you probably noticed by now that extra sidebar in your window. The new sidebar is part of the redesigned Gmail user interface that is based on the Material You design philosophy. But as mentioned, Google rolled out this to all users as part of their integration plan making everything available within the app.

However, not everyone likes too much stuff on their window – especially if they are not using it or at least rarely use them.

Worry not because there’s a way for you to hide this extra sidebar that is occupying your horizontal view.

Steps To Hide Gmail Google Meet, Space, And Chat Sidebar

Here are the steps on how to hide Gmail Google Meet, Space, and Chat sidebar from your user interface.

1. Open a browser and go to your Gmail account.

2. In the top-right of your window, click the Settings icon.

Gmail Settings

3. Then click the Customize link under APPS IN GMAIL > Chat and Meet.

Customize Apps in Gmail Settings

4. In the pop-up window, untick the check box beside the Google Chat and Google Meet. Then press Done to save the changes.

Gmail Disable Google Chat Google Meet

5. Then you will be prompted that you need to reload your Gmail for the changes to take effect. Click the Reload button.

Gmail Settings Reload

6. Done. The extra sidebar which contains Google Meet, Space, and Chat is now removed from your Gmail.

Gmail Default Settings After Reload

If you want to see these Google apps again from your Gmail window, just do again the steps above but this time you need to tick those checkboxes.