How To Switch Dark Mode on Facebook

In this article, we will again discuss enabling dark mode on one of your most favorite app – Facebook. Yes folks, if you are not yet familiar or have not heard it, you can also switch dark mode on Facebook. And it can be done on both your desktop PC (web browsers) and mobile app (Android or iOS).

In a nutshell, the dark mode on Facebook is just switching the default white background into a dark color (not pure dark black). While the default black fonts will change into white. Other colors will stay as it is.

The dark mode theme color option is not something new and is not exclusive to Facebook. This is now becoming the “new normal” in other software and mobile apps. One example is changing Outlook for Microsoft Office 365 in dark mode.

How To Switch Facebook Dark Mode On Your PC

Switch Dark Mode on Facebook Web

The steps to change your Facebook into dark mode are the same for all web browsers. So, it does not matter which browser you prefer to use when doing the procedure below.

  1. Open your preferred browser and go to Facebook. Log in with your account.
  2. Find and click the arrow down (inverted triangle) icon on your top-right window.
  3. Look for and click the Display & Accessibility option.
    Facebook Display & Accessibility
  4. You will see now Dark Mode option with two radio buttons (circles). To switch dark mode on Facebook, just tick On. Facebook Dark Mode

That’s is it! The changes will automatically apply to your Facebook window.

How To Switch Dark Mode On Facebook App (Android/iOS)

As of writing this article, the steps on switching dark mode on the Facebook app for either Android or iOS devices are the same. There will be times (which is commonly rare) that the steps might become slightly different between the two popular mobile operating systems.

  1. From your mobile’s app drawer, launch your Facebook app.
  2. Find and tap the three horizontal lines (often times called hamburger menu) called Menu. The Menu is usually sitting along the Home and other icons below the app – at least for iPhone devices.
  3. Then on the top-right side of your Facebook app, find and tap the gear icon option.
  4. Scroll down and look for Dark Mode under Preferences.
  5. You will now see 3 options to choose from, On, Off, or System. To enable the dark mode, just tap On.

And you are done! The change will be applied automatically to your Facebook app.

How To Switch Dark Mode On Facebook App

What Exactly Are The Benefits Of Swithing Your Facebook To Dark Mode?

Since this is not the first time that we’ve been writing about enabling or switching your app into the dark mode, maybe you are wondering why.

Based on our quick research, there are actually benefits when switching your app to dark mode. And here are some of them.

Dark Mode Makes Your Mobile’s Battery Life Last Longer

By default, not only Facebook, almost all applications or software uses a more white background and lesser black texts. Then we have images and videos which also use other vivid and lively colors. And this draws more power and battery juice. The end result, your battery life does not live longer than you expected.

For the case of Facebook, which we all know is still the most popular social media application, just scrolling your feeds can take that much battery juice without you knowing it. With Facebook’s default settings, images, and videos, surely, it is eating too much of your battery juice.

Enabling dark mode on Facebook will help tweak your battery life. This is because only a small portion of your screen is lit up or using the lights. And this means there is lesser energy being used by your phone which makes your device run longer.

Dark Mode Can Save You From Eyestrain

Student Typing Keyboard - Pixabay

This section is applicable on both desktop PC and mobile devices. Although, there’s no scientific evidence that dark mode can really help reduce eyestrain. But fans of the dark mode claim that it really helped them.

As of the second quarter of 2021, there are already roughly 2.89 billion Facebook monthly active users which made Facebook the biggest social media platform worldwide. Needless to say that more and more individuals are switching to Facebook to get updates from the outside world while we are all staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to some studies, the more time you spend staring at your screen – whether on your computer or mobile, the greater the risk that your eyes will go dry.

Switching your applications, such as Facebook, to dark mode can increase the contrast between the text you are reading and the background of the app. Fans of the dark mode said that this kind of configuration or setting helps them read the feeds easier and longer – without incurring eyestrain or dryness of the eyes.

Dark Mode Can Help You Sleep Better

Mobile Phone in bed - credits Pixabay

According to some research, dark mode produces lesser blue light which can help you sleep better. It was said that too much exposure to blue light can cause difficulty in sleeping and sometimes eyestrain, too.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and the sky is bright. More often than not, you feel energized, right? This is because of high-intensity blue light that is coming from the sun. So, it is more than just a mood. There’s science behind that feeling after all.

Again, there is no hard evidence that dark mode can help you sleep better. But theoretically, it may be true.

At the end of the day, switching on or not the dark mode theme on apps like Facebook depends entirely on you. It’s your choice.