Personalizing Windows 10 By Switching To Dark Mode

Here’s another article about desktop personalization that we would like to share. And this time we would like to show you the Windows 10 dark mode desktop theme. The dark mode is not a new feature of Windows 10. But just in case you are not aware of this option, then here’s your chance to switch.

In our previous articles, we shared some insights why more users are leaning towards the dark mode theme because of its benefits. Although some say that they are theories, it was said that working with dark mode screens really works for them.

Windows 10 Hybrid

We also mentioned before that most companies are moving towards long-term remote work. Part of the daily activities of any employee is to stare most of the time on their desktop or laptop screens. And too much exposure to blue light will disrupt our sleep. Another implication of too much screen time is dryness of our eyes which may result in eyestrain.

That is why most studies recommend that, if possible, we switch to the dark mode to make screen time easier on the eyes.

How To Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode Desktop

The dark mode theme option may not be exclusive to Windows 10. It may be an option moving toward, such as Windows 11 or future operating system versions.

Also, it is nothing like you will only have 2 theme options when personalizing your Windows 10 environment. Microsoft Windows offers other color themes as well.

But for this article, we will focus only on showing you how you can enable Windows 10 dark mode desktop.

Let us get started.

  1. On your Windows machine, go to Settings or you can press Windows + I simultaneously.
  2. Then look for and click Personalization. Windows 10 Settings
  3. Under Personalization, on your left pane, click Colors. Windows 10 Personalization
  4. Then on your Colors main window (right), click the Choose your color drop-down menu and select Dark. Windows 10 Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode Desktop

5. The changes will automatically take effect after selecting Dark. How To Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode Desktop

Windows 10 Dark Mode Desktop is Enabled But There Is A Catch

Based on our experience, not all applications or software on your desktop will inherit the dark mode change. What will mostly take the color changes are Microsoft products like your Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Edge, other browsers, etc.

For Microsoft Edge, there’s a way to brute force dark mode when you visit any website.

But not to worry, because we’ve noticed that some applications are now updating to provide users the option to use dark mode. Some applications that we are using where we noticed such updates are the likes of Slack and Skype.

Anyways, the aim is to help your eyes to have an easy screen time, and moving some applications to dark mode will do the trick.