Replace Your iPhone Battery Now, Beat March 1st $20 Price Hike

Apple Battery Replacement
(Teardown Apple Battery via Pixabay)

Today, you heard us right, plan to replace the battery iPhone NOW! It is the ideal moment to obtain a battery replacement if your gadget is an iPhone 13 or older with a poor battery. Why? If you have not noticed the fine print yet on Apple’s iPhone Battery Repair and Replacement support page, it states:

The current out-of-warranty battery service fee will apply until the end of February 2023. Effective March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service fee will be increased by $20 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14.

In short, Apple is explicitly saying that the cost of out-of-warranty battery service for all iPhone models, except for the iPhone 14 series, will increase by $20.

Apple presently costs $69 for more recent iPhone models like the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone X series. Meanwhile, the price for the iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and older versions are $49. These costs are valid through the end of February, after which they will rise by $20 on March 1 of 2023.

This price cut does not apply to the iPhone 14 series because these models are already $99 at launch.

Battery Replacement iPhone Cost Estimates Per Model

Here’s a high-level battery replacement iPhone cost if you plan to have it changed.

Battery Replacement iPhone Cost Estimates Per Generation

iPhone Series/GenerationBattery Replacement iPhone Cost Prior Mar 1stBattery Replacement iPhone Cost Starting Mar 1st
iPhone 14 Series$99$99 (no change)
iPhone 13 Series$69$89
iPhone 12 Series$69$89
iPhone 11 Series$69$89
iPhone X Series$69$89
iPhone 8 Series$49$69
iPhone 7 Series$49$69
iPhone 6/6s Series$49$69
iPhone 5 Series$49$69

But if you have AppleCare+, you will not be charged anything for an ordinary iPhone battery replacement. Accidental damage is always protected from AppleCare+. 

With AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, your phone will be covered for up to two instances of both loss and theft. The $149 loss and theft deductible. Standard AppleCare+ costs $199 for two years of coverage or $9.99 per month for 24 months. For two years of coverage, AppleCare+ with theft and loss protection costs $269, which equates to 24 installments of $13.49.

But Wait There Are More Costs Than You Think Of…

Yes, folks! You need to reconsider your budget if you think that you will spend only on the Apple iPhone battery replacement. It is not because of any hidden charges, not at all. This is because there is a big chance that you will have to shell out more money if you have, let us say, a tiny crack on your screen display.

If you go back to Apple’s battery replacement support page, right down to the part where it allows users to get the cost estimate, it states:

We’ll inspect your product when we receive it and confirm the service charges. If your iPhone has any damage that impairs the replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair.

So, your original plan to have your iPhone’s battery replaced because of its deteriorating performance might turn into something more and cost more!

How To Know The Battery Replacement iPhone Cost?

Go to Apple’s iPhone Battery Repair and Replacement support page and scroll down to the box on the page that will give you an estimate to see how much it presently costs to replace the battery in your iPhone. 

Battery Replacement iPhone Cost

As a rule of thumb, to calculate the price as of March 1st, add $20 to the current pricing (excludes iPhone 14 series).

Concluding Words

The final word? Do it before March 1st, whether you need to replace the battery in an iPhone that is as old as the fifth generation or the iPhone 13 series. You’ll incur an extra $20 payment for procrastinating.