Ways To Fix Roblox Battery Drain And Lag Issues On Tablet

Does Roblox crash on Android tablets or iPad? Why does Roblox have a problem with launch? Are you looking for solutions to fix Roblox battery drain and lag issues on tablets? No worries! We might have a solution to your problems. Keep reading, and you can play it again without interruption.

Roblox has become a big name for gaming platforms and game creators. The game is well-regarded among the fan base. Unfortunately, a couple feels a bit frustrated with the app. Despite Roblox’s launch on different devices, users get error messages or issues, and the app freezes if the game crashes.

Battery drain and lag issues are among the most common problems faced by players while playing Roblox. The fact that players may experience a decrease in performance and battery life due to these issues can be frustrating.

So, we compiled some ways you can optimize your device’s battery juice and fix lag issues so that you can play the game with no worries. Some of the provided optimization solutions below are applicable to Windows 10 or 11 machines.

Solution 1: Restart Your Android, iPhone, or iPad Device

Apps frequently keep running in the background, which can result in power loss, slow down, heat, and other issues. Hence, restarting your device once in a while will help to clear the memory, apps, and other software conflicts.

One of the reasons apps keep running in the background is a memory leak. You may be familiar with that phrase, and apps experience this more frequently than most people realize. If it affects an application with the ability to continue running, it does so and uses up resources until things start to go awry. You can try to stop the memory leak on your phone with a daily reboot as a quick around. You can delete the rouge app to avoid the memory leak issue or wait for the fix from the developers.

Here are other benefits your phone will get when you restart your device.

  • Reduce battery drain issues
  • Reduce the device from excessive heat
  • Low or no signal problems
  • Free up memory space
  • Slow data

Solution 2: Update Roblox App And Your Device

Roblox games’ design is to be playable on multiple platforms. Thus, the game can cause lag issues because it may not have been built and tested on all devices. As a result, game developers have to commit code changes to optimize the game. So, by updating the Roblox application and the device to the latest version, the gaming experience can become as smooth as we expect it to be.

Keeping the device and the Roblox app up to date is essential to fix Roblox battery drain and lag issues. Players can improve the performance of their devices and extend the battery lifespan if kept updated. You need to regularly check Roblox’s official website, marketplace, or app store if there’s an update.

Solution 3: Force Stop And Relaunch Roblox App

Force-quitting and restarting the Roblox app is one of the best solutions for battery life and latency issues.

To accomplish this, open the device settings, choose the desired app, and then hit the “Force Stop” button. When you relaunch the app, the Roblox app will resume itself. This process helps in clearing up some of the system resources that may be to blame for lag and battery drain.

Solution 4: Check if Roblox is down

Roblox occasionally rejects connections to games. The app will let you log in as usual, go to the game’s launch page, click “Play,” and then… nothing. It’s just a depressing error message. Most of the time, all you need to do is reconnect to the game. What if that doesn’t succeed, though?

Google will return numerous results if you search for Roblox servers’ status. But the information on most web pages is inaccurate, while others can be more confusing. 

We recommend two reliable websites that tell you if Roblox servers are operational.

  • Roblox Status page – The Roblox firm has created a Status Page that users can directly check while experiencing launch problems. There are three sections on the status page: User, Player, and Creator. It is comprehensive without being overly complex for the user. Below each category, a list of specific Roblox sections, such as the Website, Mobile App, and Xbox App, is provided.
  • Downdetector – Because outages are reported directly from the player base in real time, Downdetector is a reliable backup tool. Users are logging their data on Downtector, so you may rest easy in the rare instance that Roblox is slow to report outages. It’s a reliable way to determine whether the problem is a rare case affecting only you or whether it affects many people.

Solution 5: Make sure there is sufficient storage and RAM in your device

Having enough storage space on your device is essential for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. If your device lacks sufficient storage space, it can lead to several issues like slow loading times, laggy gameplay, and battery drain.

Roblox’s download size is relatively small compared to other online games download sizes. Although, creators are continually patching and updating the game. So, the size may increase eventually over time. And it varies depending on the device you are using. For example, as of writing this, the installation package is more than 200 MB. The installation package’s size increased comparing it with Roblox back in 2019.

The same principle applies to RAM your device has. For Roblox, 8GB should be enough for a smooth gaming experience.

Solution 6: Clear Roblox App Data And Cache

One of the easiest ways to resolve Roblox battery drain and performance issues on tablets is to clear the data and cache from the Roblox app. Roblox is a resource-intensive program that may gather and store data. It may cause the gaming experience to slow down or unexpectedly deplete the battery.

If you flush Roblox’s data and cache, your tablet will operate more quickly and smoothly. Thus, the gaming experience will be smoother.

You must launch the Settings app on your tablet to erase the Roblox app’s data and cache. Then locate Roblox by opening the Apps or Applications menu and scrolling down. After tapping Roblox, choose the Storage option from the menu. The Clear Data and the Clear Cache options will then appear.

Clearing the data and cache requires tapping on both of these choices. It’s a good idea to restart your tablet after flushing the data to ensure that the modifications take effect.

Solution 7: Close all other background running apps

There are a few reasons why your device can run many apps simultaneously. Most of the time, it won’t result in memory or battery consumption issues.

But why are there unused apps running in the background? 

First, seeing unused apps running in the background is not a new feature or a bug. Let’s say that modern operating systems treat unused memory as wasted memory. So, these systems try to maximize your device’s memory to “pre-load” applications. The pre-loaded apps make the loading of the application looks faster or quicker whenever you need to use them.

However, if multiple apps are running in the background, the battery juice of your device will drain too quickly. Furthermore, these apps running in the background consume a chunk of your device’s memory. Hence, this situation can be very frustrating for players, as it can make the game unplayable.

The first step is to close all other background running apps to fix this issue. Closing the unwanted apps running in the background will free up valuable resources that Roblox needs to run smoothly. Additionally, the lesser apps (except Roblox) running will help to reduce the overall strain on your device’s battery.

How To Stop Background Apps On Android Or Apple

Here are two example videos of how you can stop running background apps on Android or Apple smartphones or devices.

Closing Background Apps On Android Devices

The Youtube video below was posted by Howfinity to provide simple steps to stop background apps on Android devices.

Closing Background Apps On Apple Devices

And here’s another Youtube video tutorial posted by WorldofTech showing how to close background apps running on an Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 1st gen (2018), 2nd gen (2020), or 3rd gen (2021).

Once you have closed all other background running apps, restart your device. After you reboot your device, open again the Roblox app. Freeing up more memory should help reduce the lag and battery drain issues you were experiencing.

If the problem persists, you may need to consider updating the game or your device’s software, as this can also help improve performance.

Solution 8: Tweak Roblox Settings To Fix Roblox Battery Drain And Lag Issues

Another tweak to fix Roblox battery drain and lag issues is to adjust the in-game settings.

Tweak your Roblox app settings
  1. Go to your Roblox in-game Settings.
  2. Set the Fullscreen option to On.
  3. Then set the Graphics Mode from Automatic to Manual.
  4. After that, this is the tricky part, adjust the Graphics Quality starting from two to three bars. You can increase the graphics quality settings up to 50% until you have the optimal configuration. Lower graphics quality can help reduce distractions generated by the Roblox game.
  5. Additionally, you can turn on the Performance Stats option if you want to monitor the CPU, GPU, and network usage.

Solution 9: Uninstall And Reinstall Roblox

Although it is not ideal, one of the most common ways to fix Roblox battery drain and lag issues is to uninstall and reinstall Roblox. The speed of the Roblox game can be enhanced by uninstalling and reinstalling it to reset its settings and remove any corrupted or out-of-date files.

You can uninstall and reinstall Roblox as your last resort if everything fails.

Concluding Words

In conclusion, Roblox can be an enjoyable experience on a tablet, but users must take steps to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Regularly clearing the cache, reducing the graphics settings, and turning off the auto-update feature can dramatically reduce battery drain and lag issues.

Additionally, it is a must to keep the devices’ operating system and Roblox app up to date for the best performance.

With the solutions to fix Roblox battery drain and lag issues we provided above, tablet users can ensure their Roblox gaming experience is free from battery drain and lag.