About GIK Crib Project

GIK Crib Project

The GIK Crib Project is a startup online technology and media blog site driven by one objective – to share.

The “GIK” word is an urban acronym that stands for “Google It, Kids.“. In some ways, since the word sounds like “geek“, we don’t mind being categorized as such. We will be your geek guys who will provide and explain to our readers information that is blurry or hard to understand.

Whereas “crib” is self-explanatory – a home or a place where we live. This is of course from an urban meaning perspective.

The team of the GIK Crib Project, as mentioned, is a startup at the time of writing this. Although the team is still small, we will still promise our visitors and readers that we will provide the answers or entertainment that they are looking for.

We have a range of informative articles or posts – from Business, Tech, Reviews, Lifestyle, Travel, and many more. We will deliver articles with substance. For example, for “tips” and “how-to” articles, we provide screenshots or videos so that they will be easier to understand and follow.

When we do reviews, we ensure that we actually used the product we are reviewing – and we are not biased! What we actually experienced is what you will get.

Our readers can rest assured that when we publish any news on our website, they have been reviewed, scrutinized, and sources have been verified. We do not want to share any false or unverified information with our readers.

In summary, we always make sure that our readers will gain information before they leave our website. And we want to maintain that.